Message from the Director

The Neuroscience Research Center (NRC) is a university-wide center where diverse and multidisciplinary research is conducted to further understanding of brain and behavior.

Since 2000, the year of establishment of the NRC, multiple researches. in different aspects of Neuroscience have been conducted in this center. The Principal objective of this center is to integrate basic and clinical brain research from molecular and cellular neurobiology, extending all the way to behavior, emotion and cognition. We aim to promote the NRC in Iran as a center of excellence for brain research and training in the region. We seek to achieve this by providing training opportunities, networking, facilities and research programs.

To this end, we have forged link with institutions and organizations in both the local and international communities to provide expertise, and technology development services, all to the highest international quality standards

Abolhassan Ahmadiani, Ph.D.

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