As time goes on the expansion of human knowledge gains more speed and acquires more refined resources of intellect. At the front line of war against unknowns a variety of disciplines gather together for establishing some very basic rules that allow them to unite against the oldest and most challenging enigmas of the human being:

"Meaning of mind, self, awareness, attention and what any other property related to BRAIN domain".

Simply, we strive to engage in and achieve progress within this vast and new frontier. 



Expanding the destiny of scientific knowledge and finding appropriate and useable preventive and curative medical procedures is the basic conceptual aim of the Neuroscience Research Center of ShahidBeheshti University of Medical Campus, Tehran - Iran. 



  • Using and developing human science in the field of Neuroscience.
  • Setting up basic, epidemiological and clinical research with the aim of improving medical services for our community.
  • Designing a system for gathering, sorting and classifying scientific papers and documents.
  • Providing the necessary facilities for students to become Neuroscentists.
  • Being concerned, respectful and supportive of fellow researchers.
  • Attracting other powerful research centers and communities inside our country.
  • Establishing scientific cooperation with other countries and international communities according to the guidelines of the Islamic Republic of Iran.